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Speed BackAvoid the defenders and get into the end zone without being tackled. You start with three tries. Score three touchdowns to earn an extra try.

Use the UP, LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to maneuver the player. Press the A key to stiff arm an approaching defender. Press the S key yo use your spin move to avoid a tackle. Grab the speed pickup for a burst of speed. Remember you can only use the stiff arm and spin move once per possession.
Football ArcadeFootball Arcade
Run like the wind to score a touchdown, grab power-ups for some help, and coins to improve your score. When you've finished the game, which is ...
Ultimate FootballUltimate Football
A basic football game, your only task is to throw the ball and keep it in the team.
Fast Sack AttackFast Sack Attack
A silly mini game, run around the football field and avoid Big Manny for as long as you can. You can actually win the game if Manolo becomes ex...
Super Bowl DefenderSuper Bowl Defender
You are the Super Bowl defender and it's your job to tackle any running backs going for your end zone. Each tackle earns you credits and each t...
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